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Spice Up your Spanish


About Me


Hi guys, my name is Laura, a native Spanish folk living Portsmouth. I am the "mother" of the podcast Spice Up your Spanish.

I have a long and consolidated experience teaching Spanish and French in London, where I was living for 7 years. I have a PGCE in MFL and I hold a Spanish- English Degree in Journalism. 

When looking for listening materials to help upper-intermediate (B1-B2) or advanced (C1-C2) students I realized there was nothing out there. This is why I decided to create Spice Up your Spanish. I strongly think speaking and listening skills come hand in hand that is why listening resources are extremely important in order to improve your speaking. 

In this website, you will find the transcriptions and exercises for each episode of Spice Up your Spanish. 

Get in touch if you want to ask any question or you want to make a suggestion.I hope you enjoy the content of my website. 

¡Hasta la vista!

How It Works


Episode1.Pilot Episode
Episode 4.La cultura judía en España
Episode7. El laberinto del fauno
Episode10.La inmigración irregular en España
Episode2.Amancio Ortega
Episode3.La historia del feminismo
en España
Episode5. Miguel de Cervantes, el hombre que inventó la novela
Episode 8. Podemos y los moviemientos sociales
Episode 6.El paro juvenil en España
Episode9.El racismo en España
Episode11. El idioma gallego

What Happy

Students say

“Laura has been my teacher for about 6 months and she has been wonderful. I’ve tried Spanish classes before but I always felt uncomfortable but Private tutoring with Laura was a perfect choice. She teaches Spanish in an easy and clear way and uses fun and easy to understand exercises. You can really tell she is experienced, calm and professional. And has a good sense of humour... It has helped me a lot! Without a doubt, I can recommend her"

Mark Janssen, Dutch, living in London.


“I started taking one-to-one lessons with Laura as a complete beginner with absolutely zero prior experience of Spanish. The lessons were always fun and enjoyable as Laura’s personality really shines through in her classes. Laura is a very patient teacher and was always well prepared with a variety of activities, not only to practise different elements of the language but also to keep things interesting. Within weeks, my Spanish had improved considerably, so I would definitely recommend Laura as a teacher."

Matt Blagden, British

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